Gorka Narciso LerchundiSecond place in the 10º Concurso Nacional de Cócteles
Cocktail Ingredients
 -5 cl. Panizo Morujito
-2 cl. Panizo Herbal Liqueur
-2 cl. Monin Ginger Syrup
-Mint leaves
Cocktail Preparation
Prepared in a long glass. We chop half a lime up into cubes and we place it directly into our glass together with 6 to 8 mint leaves and our ginger syrup. We crush this to obtain the lime juice and release the aroma from the mint leaves. This way we create a delicious base together with the ginger.
We continue by adding the alcoholic part of the cocktail, with the Morujito and the Herb Liqueur. Our aim is to accentuate the herbaceous touch a little with the liqueur which provides aroma and an air of sweetness. We add ice chips and mix all the ingredients to blend in all the aromas and flavours. We add more ice chips and finish with a top of soda.  
We garnish with a slice of dried lime and a sprig of mint and sprinkle with a little icing sugar. We serve with two drinking straws to aid in our enjoymen.