Sherry Panizo

Sherry Panizo

Francisco Javier García CanteroFirst place in the 10º Concurso Nacional de Cócteles
Cocktail Ingredients
 - 2 cl.  Panizo Orujo Spirit
- 2 cl. Panizo Browned Liqueur
- 2 cl. Brandy
- 0.5 cl.  Panizo Coffee Liqueur
- 1 Barspoon of Palo Cortado Sherry
- 1 Drop Inca Bitters
Cocktail Preparation
We place all the ingredients in the shaker except the Inca Bitters. We add slab ice, stir with a mixer spoon for 10 seconds and we pour into a Nick&Nora martini glass we have cooled beforehand. After pouring the Panizo Sherry Cocktail, we garnish with a kefir lime leaf and we add a drop of Inca Bitters.